My Lusaka

My home town. I have lived in Lusaka, Zambia, for  about two decades now. This vibrant metropolitan city (capital city of Zambia – ) is home to many a people from all walks of life.  The city is a large part of my adult life; it is my home. I have celebrated  most my adult birthdays here. During  years of study for my first degree, the University of Zambia Main Campus residence on Great East Road in Lusaka was my second home. I interned and later worked at the National Malaria Control Centre (NMCC) – still in Lusaka.  After  one and half years’ stint in South Africa (studying), I came back to Lusaka to further my career in public health. It is in Lusaka that I fell in love with  and got married to my wonderful husband (Nathan). My home church is the Anglican Cathedral of The Holy Cross (  My sons were born right here in Lusaka.   During my stay in Lusaka I have met new friends, rediscovered my zeal for life and expanded my professional networks.  No matter where I may go, I still come back to Lusaka.  Ahh! Lusaka is and will always be my place.


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