Baby: a lesson in joyful anticipation

New beginnings always come with a lot of anticipation, preparation and sometimes fear. When I was expecting the arrival of my son, I read almost every post online on how to prepare for the arrival of the baby. I attended each every scheduled clinic visit so that the medical personnel could get an opportunity to monitor and give me a medical update on the development of the baby.

The fear that something could go wrong was  sometimes unbearable. “What if I slipped and somehow disturbed my pregnancy?” I would wonder. Oh, may be it would be that I would unknowingly consume something that would prove to be detrimental to the growth of the unborn baby?  The most humbling of all times was coming to terms with the fact that I could not control  the growth and outcome of the baby growing in my womb. All I had to do was to: Attend  every scheduled antenatal visit,  eat a balanced diet and rest as much as it was practically possible.

The scheduled clinic visits sometimes brought some level of anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. On one such visit, I was to undergo a routine scan, I made my way to the waiting room, expectant and somewhat anxious. My belly had grown and for some reason that day, I had not ‘felt’ the usual kicks from my womb to signal there was a viable pregnancy. I worried that probably I had not eaten well or had not been been calm enough. I feared the worst. When my name was called out by the attending nurse to move into the room where the radiologist was waiting to monitor the usual parameters, I was beside myself. The muted sounds of the hospital did little to calm my nerves.  I was welcomed by a calm attending physician who appeared confident but did not seem to notice my discomfort. I  slipped onto the examination couch and quietly, the physician went into action. I kept my eyes on the monitor to see if I could deduce something before being told any outcome. On this particular day, the radiologist appeared rather too quiet and was not so much engaging in the usual small talk. I got concerned!. Surely, something must be wrong, I thought. Probably he is figuring out the best way to deliver the unwelcome news. I panicked and blurted out, “Doctor, is anything the matter?”. He took one look at me and just offered what appeared to be a nod  and proceeded to print my scan results. He then shifted to his desk to write the radiology report and attached it to my record card. Only then did he address me, “Lady, all is well. Your baby is doing just fine. That will be all for today. Have a lovely day”.

I went home that day thinking about this particular visit. Could it be that I was just overly concerned? Or, maybe the radiologist, being human was going through fears of his own. It finally struck me. There was so much going on in the world around me and in me. I needed to balance my expectations and also know that the fact that I was pregnant did not mean other people’s lives had come to a standstill. I could still be  empathetic and hopeful.

That day, I learned to look beyond my situation, which was actually a happy one and made a decision to be happy, hopeful and helpful to all around me. As if in agreement, the baby in my womb kicked so much that I started crying tears of joy. Alas! Indeed all is well with my baby. via Daily Prompt: Baby



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