The timeless dress!

It was a cool morning, a few years ago when I went shopping. Shopping!! The best therapy on any day. And boy, this time, I went window shopping with intention. Wild intentions, to buy a master piece.  I was on the best errand a girl can ever wish for, shopping for the wedding! Accompanied by my very best friend, Mildred. Never one to miss a party, cheerful and loyal. Ah! She was also working double shift this time around because she was also playing chaperone. Yes, literally.

We made our way to the wedding expo. We were greeted by many exhibitors, ready to show case why theirs was the best product for a lovely bride like me. We were met by the very marketing skills expected of a huge wedding expo, each one hoping you would be their next best customer.

As we mingled through the crowds, amidst excited chatter and oooo, aaahhs; we came across a an exhibition like no other. No hassle, just a quiet and professional stand promising quality service. Voila! I got to meet the best of designers. Exquisite, tasteful, original and royal! That my friend was how I got the dress for my bridal shower.

From the day I saw the sample, I knew I wanted it. After a few weeks of waiting, the dress, was delivered to my hotel room, a perfect fit. To date, I treasure it. The dress is a statement of timeless beauty.



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