Conquer the narrative of being woman

Life is a big word. Living is even bigger. It sometimes can get fuzzy and scary while other times it is funny and sunny. The struggle is real. More so for women of my time. We are challenged by both the static and dynamic versions of who a woman should be. In the days past, a woman belonged to the kitchen. In the current feminist rant, a woman is equally a hustler. No disrespect meant either way. But, there is no easy solution. No clear standard operating procedure for how to be woman. Except, one needs to find a balance and understand the unspoken meanings of being woman.

It lies in discovering who you are as a person. Nurturing the very soul that you starve. Being woman is a gender role but also a human role. You need to live through the narratives and identify with yourself. Love yourself. Outdo yourself. Encourage yourself. Serve the woman in you. In so doing, you become the narrative, the discussion, the definition and the conclusion to the matter.

Woman! Conquer thyself. Discover the value that lies in your abilities. Learn from the lessons of your failures. The master of your narrative is you. Because in you lies the untapped potential. The unlearned lessons. The secret to self discovery. The essence of every woman is in the audacity to conquer the social construct, age old traditions and the hidden treasures in the maze.

History lessons abound. Current affairs are  equally full with examples of how to live a  woman-life. You can be a politician, an evangelist, an engineer, a mother, a sister, a friend, an astronaut, a blogger or even a programmer. This, you become by conquering your own fears. Learning the ropes and inspiring others to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Being woman is being human. You do not need permission from  society on who you want to be. You are your own master. You are also your own slave. So woman, conquer thyself and the narrative will change.

There is only One who you must pay allegiance to, your Creator.  If you have been given permission to live, be woman. Do not go out there looking for permission or seeking definitions. You have it all. It is hidden in your stride, dreams, hard work and perseverance. Choose to be the authentic narrative – woman.

Being via Daily Prompt: Conquer


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