Our heritage

We are Zambia. A nation that prays. This has been a great part of our past, present and will be part of the future. Our constitution declares that Zambia is a christian nation. This is something we are proud of, it is our heritage.

During times of conflict, we pray. In times of drought, we pray. In times of political uncertainty we pray. We pray as Christ taught us. We believe that God, in His divine wisdom, will continue to give us leaders who value prayer and our love for Christ. We are not ashamed to declare Christ as Lord over Zambia. This is because in every hurdle, when we have bowed down and prayed, solutions have come forth.

In all my travels, I have seen that different countries have a different approach to addressing their challenges. But, the Zambian approach of coming together in prayer and thereafter, venturing into finding solutions in oneness of purpose has worked for us. It is as unique as the pink diamond; as rare as the northern white rhino.

Our heritage is that of faith, respect for human rights and love of thy neighbour. As you move around southern africa, it is not uncommon for Zambia to be referred to as a beacon of peace among its neighbours. From the times of the liberation struggle for independence, Zambia has been home to many a nation. A peaceful haven for all.

Stand and sing of Zambia……..All one, strong and free.!” This is our national anthem: http://www.parliament.gov.zm/sites/default/files/documents/acts/National%20Anthem%20Act.pdf .


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