The call

Jerome: “I love you without a doubt. It hurts sometimes, to know that I cannot be with you.”

Katie: “I love you too. As for the hurt, I hope I do try to leave a trail of sweet memories, so that when it hurts, you can just pick a memory and know I would give up anything to be with you all the time. I have failed – but you have held my hand with boldness”.

Jerome: “That is the truth, the conundrum of either selfishness or letting the big bird fly away. Because, it is the only way I get to watch her conquer the sky. Yet, if I tried to fly with her, I would only get in her way. And that my dear, is outright double-edged like a samurai sword.”

Katie: ” Ah! My heart aches with you on that aspect. There is not a day that passes without a ‘what if?’…but then I get to appreciate your sacrifice. You are an honourable man. Yes, honour is your middle name.”

Jerome: “You are a phenomena my lady. You are all things that should not go together: clever, wise, loving, forgiving, compassionate, pretty, lovely, introvert, extrovert..etc. This is the description of my guardian angel.”………….tbc.


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