Destructive tendencies

I am appalled by the level of destruction being championed by one individual. The pace at which the destructive tendencies are being expressed in the form of ill informed policies leaves much to be desired. You do not become any bigger by scrapping off affordable care. You don’t become any greater than the next country by removing clean energy from your development agenda.

I am equally disturbed to watch grown men cheer the fast paced destruction. Is this the so called new world order? Is this how you make a country great? Or is the legacy of your predecessor such a nightmare that you are willing to do anything, including jeopardising the future of mankind, all because of your insecurities?

Surely someone must begin to be accountable for their actions. Is the world going to sit by and watch passively. Where are the learned men and women who must serve as advisers?  Where is the law that stops such lawlessness? Iam dumbfounded!

I thought that humankind has advanced to the level where we understand sustainable development  and that you you cannot be great or rise to power by being destructive! Is this the 21st Century:  A Century of destructive tendencies?Oh! What a history!  The future of our children and our childrens’ children is at stake. There is value in creating a world where common sense should be common! Otherwise the destructive tendencies we are witnessing threaten the very core of our existence as humans. Human development should not come at such a high price tag!

Our investments in science and technology are meant to ensure we thrive and develop while at the same time we nurture the world and leave a legacy for our children.  A legacy of smart sustainable development. But, now, am afraid the level of destruction is alarming!

The destructive tendencies do not belong to this era of peace, innovation and common sense.


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