Simply grateful!

Lately I have found myself in the midst of an endless list of family and friends who are fighting life threatening conditions. Sometimes, the uncertainty gets to you and you just don’t know what to do, say or think!!! Utter helplessness.

It is in this state of vulnerability that I have learnt to enjoy and be thankful for the simple things in life: like being able to walk, see, chew, sleep and lazily sip a hot cup of tea….simple little things. Being able to do these small things have my heart glad and thankful. I have seen how within a split second lives can be changed by disease or infirmity.

The journey called life has numerous lessons…out of the classroom. Everyday am learning to breathe: inhale and exhale, literally. Yes, the in-drawing and outdrawing of air seems obvious but not until you sit by the bedside of a loved one with labored breathing, silently counting the beeps on the life support, hoping the ‘flat lines’ do not appear and stay for long….in that moment, you realise the art of breathing in and out gives functionality to our body. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide so as to maintain balance in our lives…to support the very complex biochemical reactions in our body.

I have learned to just sit and listen to the endless chatter of my son – the noise- after a long day at work. This noise is even more precious when your little one is fighting a fever and all they can do is painfully struggle to even say a word.

Life has taught me that it is the little processes which lead to even bigger admirable butterflies. A good nights sleep does wonders to your temperament, your skin and just generally your whole! So, grab that blanket and catch the snooze! It is precious! For there will be days when you will toss and turn, but to no avail.

Take a day off the blogs, social networks and stroll into the back yard or hike those green landscapes! These simple things have a way of adding value to the quality of life. And oh, there is someone yearning, hoping for one more day or once more ounce of strength to just get up and walk down the stairs or walk around the house. Say hello to your security guard, your cleaning lady at the office or the bus driver….for there  will be days when the people we often take for granted will not be around and  suddenly we will realize how honorable and important their honest work is to us, our families, their families and society.

Taking time to say thank you for the many blessings bestowed on us: fresh air, clean potable water, fresh food, a house, a handbag, shoes on my feet and fingers to type on this keyboard! Simply grateful for all this and all that!


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