The silence is too loud!

Why are we quiet? People are sick, poverty stricken and down trodden. Who will speak for them? Is it the church, whose main preoccupation appears to be the gospel of prosperity? Robbing the poor in the name of ‘spreading the good news’? Or is it the tax man, who collects all manner of taxes to uplift the living standards of citizens? Or better still the mega non-governmental organisation who collect donations on behalf of the vulnerable but end up spending the very collections on high maintenance CEOs?

Who will speak for the masses? They have been made to understand that somebody, somewhere is looking out for their good. But, alas! Seasons come and go, their faith wanes, their hopes shuttered, the untold misery knows no boundaries. Who will speak for them? The silence seems like a deliberate attempt to keep the breaking news anything but the plight of the poor.

Who are the poor you ask? It is people who have trusted their representatives to make decisions about their housing, health care, water, climate, land use and clean energy. They know how democratic systems should function and that by representation, their needs will be on the agenda. They go about life trusting the very systems which betray them.

I hope that one day, after much introspection, representatives of the masses will prioritize the plight of the people they claim to serve. Only then will the silence turn into a joyful noise. Otherwise, right now, the silence is too loud!!!!!!!


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