This too shall pass….

I woke up this morning feeling sluggish, uninspired and tired..basically I was giving up on my dreams because being alone in a big house was scary..yeah you got that right! I am currently living in a house much larger than I need…but all for security and so I could have a decent bathroom. Now, before you get the wrong picture, it hasn’t always been this way!!!

It took a few minutes of looking back and chatting with my husband, that I got my groove back. Yeah, am blessed! I have a loving family, a wonderful career and in good health. So, I would like to believe I have no right to complain. Like my husband always says, if you feel like coming home, just cut the trip and come back home!!!

But, am in this position because I prayed for an international job! My advisor warned me about how lonely it would get, and how ‘it aint all that’! Nonetheless, I was ready for the experience because I like trying new things – adventure is my ice cream!!!! It’s been a roller coaster, juggling two homes, jet-setting and dealing with jet-lag and all that….yes it all was fun when I was younger, but now am all for stability and all this jet-setting is supping energy out of me. I want to slow down and sip on a cuppa…I want a lazy walk in the garden and hear the noise of kids in my house…..

Talk about kids, my eldest son will be 18 next January, he is in second year of college and wants to move out!!!! Yeah, am like but you are still a baby..but he has his life all figured out. I guess I have to give him the benefit of doubt….Our youngest is on his way to second grade and very excited and wants to be travelling the world!

So, this time I have been here, has given me time to figure out the important things in my life. No situation is permanent and one has to learn to make the best out of every situation. Literally…keep moving!!! I read stories of ladies around 80 years still looking fabulous and dreaming…an 80-year old model looking ‘hot’ on the run way….a girl who grew up in foster homes but right now living her dreams…..I looked at myself and realised  this aint no time for becoming sluggish….life begins now and you keep moving!!!

I am encouraged by other peoples’ stories and as I write this piece, I hope that someone will find encouragement to keep moving, hustling or thinking or just breathing. Because sometimes, even being able to breathe in and out is a gift!

So, am here to plainly say, ‘this too shall pass’. The international experience has been but a stepping stone. I cant say I have all the answers, but I have learned some…I have learned the value of learning from experiences. It is not about what happens to you, but it is about what you learn from it…and use the experience to make better choices…Like my best poet Maya Angelou said, “You did then what you knew best..”.

So folks, my tomorrow is gonna be better than today and I know yours is gonna be, “Keep Moving..”!!!



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